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Puck Pimps introduce new logo on new jerseys!

With the new Fall/Winter Season for 2017/2018, Puck Pimps desired a little change. With new and returning players on the team, that additional change was actually needed and the Puck Pimps worked on a new jersey for the season. All credit goes to current Puck Pimp player, Dave Scioscia, for this design and for making the jerseys. The Puck Pimps decided to keep a similar style that would help keep their name out there, while still paying homage to the rink they current play at, Protec Ponds. Needless to say, it's been the talk of the locker room and amongst many teams in the division!


Congrats to the Puck Pimps on winning the 2016/2017 Fall/Winter Division IV PTAHL Championship

A little over a year ago, the Puck Pimps decided to move the team to Protec Ponds in Somerset, NJ. Within that same year, 3 seasons total, Puck Pimps have been filled with nothing but exciting times and have been a very energetic team right from the get go. In the Fall/Winter 2017 Season, just a tad bit over a year after the move, the Puck Pimps won their first ever Division IV PTAHL Championship.


The season itself, was a long one, but a winning one overall, finishing off with 12 Wins - 7 Losses - 1 Shootout Loss! Going into the season, the Puck Pimps knew that they not only needed to add some talent to the roster for additional scoring but they also needed to find a new goalie as well who would help them win it all. They also had some major returns of former players who played a key role in the victory. At first, the season started out with a win one/lose one schedule. Despite a larger roster, the Puck Pimps were still plagued with many games that had short benches, especially on Defense where they had some good offensive defensemen. What the Puck Pimps didn't realize, was that this would help build up their stamina for an exciting playoff run that was about to come.

It wasn't until the start of 2017 when the Puck Pimps would really start to roll! They won 6 out of 7 games in 2017, with their only loss coming against the last place Archers. While the Puck Pimps were concerned after losing to the last place team, they showed lots of poise and continued on past this loss - looking forward to what was sure to be an intense playoffs. However, the Puck Pimps were not sure where they would finish until the very first day of the playoffs. While 1st place overall, which went to the Pterodactyls, was well out of their reach... they still had a shot at being 2nd place in the standings. However, they didn't want second place, and were praying for a 3rd place seed, as the schedule would not have favored them in the playoffs since key players would have been missing a lot of time if the Puck Pimps finished as either a 2nd or 4th place team.

As fate would have it, the Puck Pimps would end the season in a 3 way tie for 2nd place with the Ooof! and the Rink Rats, opponents that were all too familiar to them over the many years at BSA (and now Protec Ponds). Everything fell into place though, as the Rink Rats had the head to head advantage over the Puck Pimps during the regular season to take 2nd place but the Puck Pimps had one more regulation win than the Ooff! thus placing them in 3rd place overall for the Regular Season. One thing was for certain though, the Puck Pimps were no third place team! And the playoffs were the perfect time to prove to the league that that they were better then the spot they were in and just as good as the 1st place Pterodactyls. It was going to be some tough work ahead of them but it paid off with a nice reward at the end!


Naturally, the Puck Pimps started off the playoffs with a little controversy in the 1st round against the Vudoo. A Puck Pimps alumni, who still plays for the team from time to time, was now going to be filling in as goalie for the Vudoo that night and he was determined to knock the Puck Pimps out of the playoffs right from the start. That determination lit a fire under the Puck Pimps, who took it upon themselves to score 7 goals and win the game 7-3. There has been some speculation that said alumni threw the game to help the Puck Pimps advance, but those were just rumors. Puck Pimps then advanced to the semi-finals against a pesky Rink Rats team that gave them a hard time during the regular season in games that were always 1 goal games, but the Puck Pimps would always be on the losing end. As fate would have it, the Rink Rats were down 2 of their top 3 scorers as well as a starting goalie. The stars aligned for the Puck Pimps that night, who went on to win the game 6-1 with many different players scoring goals. It was then onto the finals against the 1st place Pterodactyls!

Game 1 of the series was intense! Both teams played such strong defense that the game ended in a 0-0 tie in regulation time. An overtime was needed to decide this game. The Puck Pimps goalie and the Pterodactyls goalie both played tremendous in net and it was going to take a heck of a play to beat either of them in what has been labeled as "The longest game in Protec Ponds history!" Leave it to the Puck Pimps to be part of a historic moment. Unfortunately, it was on the losing side as they lost Game 1 out of the best of 3 series 1-0 with 14 seconds left in Overtime. They would have definitely like to have that one back, but there were still 2 more games for the Puck Pimps to get through and win it all!

Game 2 of the 3 game Championship Series was a completely opposite game of the 1st game, and the face above says it all! Puck Pimps were looking short for game 2, as they originally only going to have 5 players and a goalie. But a couple of late commitments got them to 7 players and eventually a "stand-by flight on 1st class" brought in a key piece for game 2 of the series and what a difference maker it was! The Pterodactyls looked confident they had this series and the championship in the bag, but a whopping 9-6 victory by the Puck Pimps really shook up the 1st place Pterodactyls, who were handed their 1st lost after winning 13 games in a row. Maybe that number 13 was just not so lucky for them? But it sure seemed to benefit the Puck Pimps, who were now on to a 3rd and final deciding game for the Championship.

Game 3 was not going to be an easy task for the Puck Pimps, as this series was pretty much either team's to take. Both teams jokingly told each other before the game that they wish the whole series was a best of 7 because they both felt it could have went to a final game with the way the Puck Pimps and the Pterodactyls were playing. Unlike the previous two games, this game was not overloaded with offense and it sure wasn't 100% defensive either. It was a typical one goal hockey game where the Puck Pimps would take the lead, Pterodactyls would tie it, Puck Pimps would re-take the lead only for the Pterodactyls to tie it again. Eventually, the Puck Pimps would see the game winner with a little over 2 minutes to go in the game and clamp down with aggressive defense to win the game, the series and the Championship with a solid 3-2 victory! Maybe the ref dropping the Puck Pimps puck at the opening face-off was an omen? Ironically, a Puck Pimps puck was also used to end the game (it's the one in the cup pictured earlier). There were unsung heroes in this game, heroes that made a huge difference with big goals when the timing was right! Not only did we have heroes, but we had "veterans" who were celebrating 4 or more Championships with the Puck Pimps together!

The Puck Pimps now look to roll on to the Spring 2017 Season where they will be defending their PTAHL Championship. There may be some new faces in the locker room, some players not returning from the past season and other players who will be returning from the past! One thing is for certain, the Puck Pimps are ready to get moving after this exciting victory of theirs and hope to have many more to come in the future! One of those many chances will be coming in within the Spring Season as the Puck Pimps will potentially get a chance to represent Protec Ponds and play for the Unity Bank Cup against the winner of Flemington's Aspen Ice league equivalent to their division. Puck Pimps will look to add another trophy to their collection and help keep the "Commissioner's Cup" at Protec Ponds! More details to follow as to when and where this game may be played. Until then, the Puck Pimps would like to thank the rink and their fans for all the support and help over the course of the year!