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The Rink Rats made quick work of the Puck Pimps getting 2 goals to make it 2-0 early. Dave Sheeler was assisted by Scott Brady for a Puck Pimps goal to make it 2-1, but Rink Rats made it 4-1 after a period.

Brady scored on the first shift of the second, to make it 4-2. However, the Rink Rats scored 3 in a row to make it 7-2. It was now 7-2 Rodents when the made it 8-2, but the Puck Pimps did get a late period goal by Tarek Bonna to go into the third down 8-3.

Seemingly double parked, Rink Rats scored to make it 9-3 and got it to running time with another fancy goal, then the lead was increased to 10-3. A John Vivino trip would put the Rink Rats up a man, but they didn't score, just content to take two minutes off the clock. The last action on the scoresheet was a Rink Rats hook, in what was a 10-3 loss for the Puck Pimps.

The Puck Pimps did not catch the name of the goalie that the rink gave them for a fill in, but it was clear from many Puck Pimp players that this guy "Never played a game in his life". He stopped 6 of 16 shots, whoever it was. We will list him as John Doe.