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-Dave Biunno has left the Puck Pimps, due to schedule conflicts. He will look for a return next season.


-Despite a season where we did not win a game until the playoffs, the Puck Pimps have returned to the B2 Division for the fall season. We will have to play this season with the loss of Andrew Trksak, Steve Midgley and Greg Mustoe.

-Puck Pimps would like to welcome Bill DeJianne and Dave Biunno officially to the team for the fall season. Dave played a few tryout games for the Puck Pimps and Bill comes to us from the "HNA" League that Jeff has played in.


-Even though the Puck Pimps have signed up for the Summer Classic Tournament, the tournament was cancelled due to lack of teams. Puck Pimps were the last team to drop out... so we won by forfeit! It looks like all the other teams were too scared to play us!!!


-Arjun Thakker has made an early return back to the Puck Pimps and rejoins us for the remainder of the summer season.


-Puck Pimps will be returning to the B2 League in the Summer Season.

-Puck Pimps will be without Dave McKenzie, who has moved to CT. Mike Gilligan and Steve Carter will also not be returning due to personal reasons. Dave Petzinger will also not be returning because of a sports hernia. Arjun Thakker will be taking the summer off.

-Puck Pimps would like to welcome Tyler Randall, Chris Bruno, Josh Deane, Ken Marchinda and Rob Rak to the team. Josh comes to us from a high school team out in Pittsburgh. Tyler comes to us from a high school team in Maine. Ken played College Club hockey in Detroit. Chris played in Maryland for a college club team as well. Rob is a local find.


-Dave Petzinger has suffered a sports hernia and will be out indefinitely. It is most likely that Dave will miss the rest of the Spring 2009 Playoffs as well as the entire Summer Season. Dave will look to return in the fall.


-Puck Pimps have officially signed up to play in the Summer Classic Tournament at BSA


-Jonathan Sternfels will not be returning for the Puck Pimps this season.

-The Puck Pimps have solved their goaltending situation for the season and going forward. Puck Pimps would like to welcome Bob Smith, officially, to the team. Bob has played for the Puck Pimps as a sub goalie in the past in B2 and has tons of experience playing on Professional Roller Hockey teams.


-Puck Pimps have started their season in B2 without a goalie. Ted Yarns will not be returning to the Puck Pimps.


-Puck Pimps have won the Fall/Winter 2008-2009 C League Championship.

-Because of the dominate play of the Puck Pimps the past two season, they are being forced to play in the B2 League next season.


-Alden Bustos, had to leave the Puck Pimps mid-way through the season due to lack of payments.

-Joining the Puck Pimps, in place of Alden, is Al Sferlazza. Al comes to us from an "A" Adult League out in Staten Island. Welcome Al!


-Puck Pimps have came into the Fall Season and have lost Andrew Devita and Andrew Trksak for the season.

-Puck Pimps would like to welcome Jeff Brooks, Mike Gilligan & Don Vallario to the team.


-Welcome to Andrew Devita who has made his Puck Pimps debut this season.


-Bob Krupnik and Jonathan Sternfels have made their return to the team and will be playing for the Puck Pimps for the remainder of the Summer 2008 Season.


-Puck Pimps would like to welcome newcomer Mike Reyman to the team.

-Puck Pimps are also expecting the arrival of Andrew Devita in August. Andrew comes to the Puck Pimps as a coach of the Mount Kinnelon high school team.

-Ted Yarns has taken over goaltending duties for the Puck Pimps, as Jake Folger could not commit to returning to the team for the summer season.


-Puck Pimps added defensemen, Dave McKenzie, to their roster this season.

-Bob Krupnik was given a tryout game by the Puck Pimps, with permission from BSA. Bob was testing his health to see if he could handle the ice and make a comeback to play with the Pimps. While his health was not a concern during or after the game, Bob has decided not to play with us this season.


-The Puck Pimps have made their return to the C Division at BSA after a 2 year hiatus.

-Not returning to the Puck Pimps this season are Kenji Ohsako, Kip Durling, Joe Maresca Jr., Praveen Kurian, Enrico Telemaque & Jonathan Sternfels. Currently, Bob Krupnik and Brad Rossi are temporary roster spots for the team.

-Making his return to goal for the Puck Pimps is Jake Folger. Ted Yarns, who tried out for the NY Rangers farm club, will remain as a forward on the Puck Pimps.

-Puck Pimps have added some new faces to the lineup as well. Steve Midgley, Justin Rowland, Alden Bustos, Steve Carter, Richard Kobylarz and Dave McKinzie have all joined the newest version of the Puck Pimps.



- The Puck Pimps are no longer playing in the C Division for the Spring 2006 Season, as they were forced to be moved up to the new B2 division in place at BSA despite not winning a championship in the Fall.

-Three players are not returning for the Puck Pimps in the Spring 2006 Season. James Trojanowski is taking time off to concentrate on his personal finances. Mike Gogolin & goaltender Jake Folger both will not be returning as well, since their school schedule would interfere with hockey in the spring.

-Puck Pimps added Center, Greg Mustoe, to the roster. Greg fills out the empty position that was available throughout all of the fall season.

-Puck Pimps also added Joe Maresca Jr. & Jon Horskey to their roster. These players were the top two players for the Rink Rats in the C Division, and while they will continue to play for the Rink Rats this season they are also joining the Puck Pimps in B2.

-Puck Pimps new goaltender this season is 17 year old Ted Yarns. Ted has played 4 years in High School for Susan Wagner High School in Staten Island where he was voted a starting all star the past 2 seasons.

-Puck Pimps added Praveen Kurian to the roster. Praveen has played for the R.P.I College Club League.

-Puck Pimps also received a free agent acquisition from BSA. Please welcome Kip Durling to the team.

-Bob Krupnik is listed as "out indefinitely" with health problems that no doctor has been able to figure out. The target return date for Bob is April 23, 2006. However, if he can not return by this date, he will not be playing in the Spring League but may return in the Summer if there is a spot open for him.